Janae’s 90 Days

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Janae’s 90 Days

Each day, 4D Recovery peer mentors help clients like Janae set and reach milestones like 90 days of continuous sobriety!...
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Each day, 4D Recovery peer mentors help clients like Janae set and reach milestones like 90 days of continuous sobriety!

“4D Recovery has been extremely helpful to me because I [found] an amazing mentor who has given me great support and guidance while I navigate my sobriety”, says 4D client Janae. “She reaches out to me even when I don’t respond, she’s shown me through her own lived experience that it’s possible to live a fulfilling sober life”.

Janae says that her mentor, Aspyn, shows up for her, encourages her to challenge herself to reach her goals, while helping prioritize things she needs to get done. Janae has now reached 90+ days of continuous sobriety! She says that she is not sure she would have been able to hit this milestone without the support of Aspyn and the 4D Recovery program. “When I was active in my drinking I didn’t care at all about what would happen to me, I was not present for my friends, my pets or even myself. I was constantly hungover and unpleasant all the time towards everyone around me, I was slacking off in my job and personal life”.

Janae says that her addiction caused her to stop caring about how she was perceived or how she interacted with those around her. “Since I’ve quit drinking I have been able to show up for myself, which in turn allows me to show up for my friends, allows me to get back on track in caring for my pets, and have certainly gotten back on track at my job. I have started showing up on time, remained focus and continued to go the extra mile at work which has given me a sense of accomplishment again that I thought I had lost. I feel grateful, I can hold myself accountable and remain present in my own life. I was never able to control my drinking but I’m finally feeling a sense of control in my own life and behavior, and I truly believe it is a direct result of my sobriety”.

Thank you Janae for sharing your story of inspiration with our community and congratulations for reaching 90 days! We are so grateful for 4D Recovery’s amazing team of peer mentors and all the staff working in client services that are helping to impact so many lives for the better.