4D Youth

Peer-Based Support for Adolescents Seeking Addiction Recovery

Peer Mentorship

Peer Mentorship

Youth recovery mentors help guide adolescents seeking recovery towards their goals and build a new recovery identity

Meetings & Events

Meetings & Events

4D offers a variety of activities for adolescents in recovery including 12-step, dharma, yoga, mutual aid, and social recovery events

Teen Activities

Teen Activities

Art, crafting, and games providing sober fun for adolescents on their recovery pathway 


Family Services

Research shows that adolescents are more likely to achieve success and maintain abstinence when they have active family involvement. That's why we host Biweekly Family Support Groups.

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4D Youth Center

4D Youth’s mission is to empower adolescents aged 14-17 with substance use disorder to find freedom from drugs and alcohol.

Offering peer-based recovery services, abstinent-based social support, family support, and collaborative services! Located in the heart of East Portland, the 4D Youth Center is perfectly placed to support youth in the tri-county area.

  • 1206 SE 11th Ave, Portland, OR 97214

  • (971) 703-4623

  • support@4drecovery.org

  • 4:00 PM - 8:30 PM, Everyday

Meet the 4D Youth Center Staff


Robert (He/Him)

Director of Adolescent Services

"Our futures are limitless." Embracing this belief, Robert embodies a team-oriented approach that fuels transformative change. As the Associate Director of Services, he champions collaboration, unity, and collective growth. Drawing from his.. personal journey of triumph as a person in long term recovery, Robert's empathetic leadership inspires a supportive and inclusive environment. With a keen focus on fostering strong partnerships, he harnesses the collective strengths of individuals and organizations to achieve common goals. Through his team-oriented vision, Robert ensures that every voice is heard, valued, and contributes to a shared sense of purpose. Together, we embrace the limitless potential of our team and the people that we serve, creating a lasting impact and building a brighter future for all.

Youth Recovery Mentor

Harlo (She/They)

Lead Youth Recovery Mentor

Harlo is a queer person in long-term recovery and has lived experience with addiction as well as gender dysphoria. Growing up in the South, she never felt accepted and decided to move to Portland in 2020... She is passionate about recovery and supporting her community. Harlo loves to ride her bike, work with Bikes for Humanity, swim, and spend time with friends.


Jarren (He/Him)

Youth Recovery Mentor

Jarren began experimenting with drugs and alcohol at age 13, not knowing what a critical turn his life would take in just a few years. Now, at 23, he identifies as being in long term recovery and is grateful for the opportunity:.. to give back exactly what was given guidance, direction, and care.

Marissa's Bio

Marisa (She/Her)

Youth Recovery Mentor

Marisa began experimenting with drugs at 13 years old while navigating through an abusive upbringing, foster care, and internal struggles. Motherhood brought her to recovery at the age of 23. With sponsorship and accountability.. through the rooms recovery improved her life and outlook on her future. She now has years in recovery, and a family of her own. Marisa enjoys hiking, arts & crafts, expressive writing, jamming to music and chill moments at the beach.

Now she wants to help others by providing guidance and support as she needed when she was growing up.

Get a Youth Mentor

“[My mentor] helped me get my life back in order by first teaching me how to set realistic goals, getting me into sober housing, and then provided transportation to enroll into school. … I think having a mentor helped keep me accountable and challenged me to achieve my goals. It was the best tool I’ve had in my recovery!”

- 4D Client

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