Meet the Team

The visionary 4D team harnesses the experience of local recovery leaders

4d team executive director tony veznia

Our mission to support young people in recovery is carried forth by leaders from across the recovery community. Meet the dedicated team of staff and board members that make it happen. Our Executive Team of staff and Board of Directors focus on the high-level strategy, oversight, and accountability of 4D Recovery.

Strategy and adaptability are integral to our work as the recovery landscape evolves. The team at 4D continues to push against stigma and institutions to drive lasting change, and advocate for the specific needs of young people.

Meet the 4D Board of Directors

Stanley Rokaw 4d team

Stanley Rokaw

4d team Chloe Rose

Chloe Rose

Vice President
4D team Ben Austin

Ben Austin Berry

4D team Kristi Mckinney Headshot

Kristi McKinney

4D team Pam Pearce

Pam Pearce

4D team Kortnie Smith Headshot

Kortnie Smith

Untitled design

Marvin Seppala

Untitled design (1)

Sara Edwards


Meet the 4D Executive Team

Cofounder and Executive Director

MacRae Bogdanov

Director of Finance
Director of Peer Services
Director of Development

Robert Sanders

Director of Youth Services

Max Seger

Director of Human Resources
WA State Director
4D Team Executive Image