Peer-based services for addiction recovery

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Our goal is to honor each young person’s recovery journey and support them in finding a pathway that suits their unique needs through peer-based support, community centers, and supportive housing. We believe that each individual is an expert on their own life and that any pathway of recovery they choose is valid. That includes methods of harm reduction and medication-assisted recovery. 

Our support services are founded upon a model of peer support because we know that they as just as effective as clinically delivered services. The fact that our staff are in recovery helps individuals know that they are deeply understood and that they do not have to walk this path alone. This makes our program attractive and successful, with hundreds of young people visiting our centers each day.  

4D Recovery Services

4D Recovery is a peer-run organization, meaning that all of its staff identify as people in recovery. We believe that people in recovery are the best suited to direct a recovery organization because they have the lived experience of finding and sustaining their recovery.

1. Peer Mentoring

As peers, we use our experiences to help inspire, motivate, and guide individuals to navigate their own recovery journeys. We believe that we are the experts in our lives and we inherently know our individual needs.

2. 4D’s Community Centers

In addition to our peer-delivered services, we have three recovery community centers where hundreds of young adults can gather to attend a variety of free recovery support services in a safe, alcohol and drug-free environment. Over 600 young people attend our community centers each month. Whether you want to hang out with your friends, if you just need a place to use a computer or just catch a meeting, 4D community centers can help. Our MLK center is open 7 days/week for meetings.

3. Recovery Housing

Currently, 4D has one recovery house for male-identified individuals in recovery with plans to expand to more housing in the near future. Our housing provides a safe, peer-supported, affordable, and substance-free housing opportunity.

4. Civic Engagement

At 4D, we believe that the only way to overcome the substance use disorder epidemic is to be active in the community through increased civic engagement opportunities. We envision a future where systems, communities, and individuals work together to ensure all people receive the support needed to find and sustain recovery from substances.

5. Recovery Meetings

At 4D we embrace all pathways to recovery, whether that’s 12-step meetings, therapy, or medication-assisted recovery. We believe that every individual is an expert in their own lives and that as such, they have the right to choose a self-directed approach to recovery that meets their needs

About Us

4D Recovery — formerly 4th Dimension Recovery/4th Dimension Recovery Center — got its name from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the world’s largest recovery mutual-aid program. 

AA co-founder Bill Wilson stated that working with another alcoholic* to overcome drinking was like “being rocketed into the 4th dimension.” 

In 2012, 4th Dimension’s name was created by one of 4D’s founding members Devin Andrade, one of many young recovering leaders responsible for starting the nonprofit. In the early days, 4D’s primary purpose was to provide a safe environment free from drugs and alcohol where young people recovering from alcohol and substance use disorders could hang out and achieve recovery.


“4D is like a home to me., a place where I can just go and be myself. I know that whatever I am going through in my life 4D will be there to support me in my recovery.”

4D Mentor Client

“The coolest thing about 4D is that it supported me when I was in early recovery. I got to meet other young people that were on a similar path as me. Now, after two years, I’m working as a mentor and I get to provide the same hope, support, and connection that I received.”

Adrian B.

4D Mentor

“I attended 4D meetings at their first location when I was in treatment. At the time it was a huge help to have a place to go to both have fun and find support for my recovery. I still attend this events to this day and help to support the mission in any way I can.”

Ryan A.

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