Jerry’s Sinking Ship

Meet Jerry, 25, who’s been a client with 4D Recovery in Clackamas County nearly four months. Jerry is working with his peer mentor, Kyle, on overcoming a relapse at the end of 2022. “My new recovery date is December, 28th 2022”, said Jerry, “before this relapse happened, I almost had 18 months in recovery”.

Overcoming a relapse in early recovery can be very hard as individuals are still developing their recovery identity and building confidence in their new healthy choices. A stumble at this stage could be disastrous without the proper support system. There is also a major risk of death from overdose during relapse, as the body’s tolerance level drops during recovery.

“I am lucky to be alive. This is my second (and last) overdose and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. This relapse was the reality check I needed to fully understand that there is no “modified” or “responsible” using for myself”, Jerry shared, “This was a very humbling experience that caused me to want to do the right thing rather than keep on running, because I was scared. I am convinced more now than ever that there is a higher purpose for me in this life.”

Jerry felt that being in active addiction was like being stuck in a sinking ship, and Kyle his mentor was the one who swam out and saved him. “Finding the safe space and services at 4D Recovery feels like finally make it back to land!”

Jerry explains what recovery means to him, “There’s being sober, and then there’s being in recovery. Being sober is as simple as not using, being in recovery is addressing everything that was behind our addiction. It means doing the next right thing, striving to become your best self and most importantly it means building authentic connection with authentic people. Addiction is a lonely, miserable way of life. The opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety…it’s CONNECTION.”

Thank you Jerry for sharing your personal story of resiliency with the rest of the 4D community! The heart of 4D beats with it’s staff and the daily life-saving work that takes place for hundreds of young people. If you or someone you know feels like their ship is sinking, and they’re in need of rescue, learn more about 4D Recovery’s community centers and peer mentorship program here.

Jerry – 4D Client