Gresham Subaru raised $44,523.62 this year through the annual Share the Love Event. This is the third year Subaru has supported our mission and 4D used donations in previous years to purchase a 15-passenger van, computers, other office equipment and towards support our clients. Additionally, a sizable percentage of Subaru's support will be used to start a second 4D location and open recovery supportive housing for the community we serve.

In a survey 200 young people attending 4D, 64% identified formally using opiate pills or heroin.

60,000 people died from drug overdoses last year

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4D is evidence based and collects outcome data to improve the efficacy of our mission.

4D Mission
Provide and cultivate an atmosphere of recovery where all young people can overcome drug addiction and alcoholism through social interactions with recovery communities and 4D recovery mentor services.

4D is the most innovative approach to helping young people find recovery around. The fact that our entire staff are in recovery is what makes our program so attractive and that is why over 600 young people show up every month.



By donating to 4D you are ensuring that a young person needing recovery has a safe place to go where other young people in recovery can support them.
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4D offers recovery mentors and our recovery center is open 365 Days a year. Click here to learn more.

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Check out 4D’s upcoming recovery events and daily recovery meetings. You can schedule an event as well.

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