Public Announcement From 4D’s Executive Director

Dear Recovery Community,

To align ourselves with the global initiative to combat the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be enacting social distancing procedures, including temporarily closing our recovery centers. While we understand the importance of meetings and fellowshipping, we also have a responsibility to slow the spread of this virus.

Daily interaction with other people in recovery has been the bedrock of my journey, and I encourage you to continue this but do it virtually. There are many online recovery meetings, and let’s face it…many of us spend entirely too much time on social media anyway, so now we have a great excuse to post and interact inside the many recovery forums. 4D will make a list of online recovery supports available on our Coronavirus Recovery Page:

Additionally, on that page, we have posted the contact information for our staff and everyone needing recovery support is encouraged to reach out to us – we got you fam! Additionally, our team is constantly meeting to discuss how we might better support our community during this time of isolation. If you have any ideas, please let us know by emailing us at

While I am not an epidemiologist (a person who studies the nature of disease), I do understand the need to slow the spread of the virus so that our healthcare system has the ability to respond accordingly. If you want to learn more about the social distancing response, please check the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website:

For me, the Coronavirus pandemic is just another opportunity to demonstrate humility and love, key tenants of recovery. I will be staying home as much as possible and limiting my interactions with others, doing my part to listen to public health officials. While at home, I will spend time with my family, reflect on my values and actions, sleep a little, and find ways to carry the message of recovery to others, including the newcomers. If we all do our part, this time of crisis can transform into a time of coalescing and healing.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us.



Tony Vezina,

Executive Director, 4D Recovery