4D Recovery


JOB TITLE Recovery Mentor
REPORTS TO (title) Program Manager

Pay: $15/hr start with an incremental increase to $17/hr after 6 months.

 Send Letter of Intent and Resume to Jessica Cardinal, jessica.cardinal@4drecovery.org


The Recovery Mentor is responsible for providing peer mentoring services and staffing the community center during drop-in hours. 




  • Assist clients in accessing resources and services that support their recovery, including alcohol and drug-free housing, behavioral health, legal representation, family, translation, transportation, employment, physical health, etc. 
  • Facilitate client connections to the recovery community and other community supports. 
  • Teach and model positive recovery skills. 
  • Accompany and/or drive residents to activities or appointments in support of recovery efforts.
  • Use motivational interviewing to help clients develop and achieve recovery-oriented goals, including the development of a recovery identity and lifestyle. 
  • Responsible for documenting all client service activities within the required time frame and in the required format including documentation of all client related activities.
  • Maintain confidentiality of all client protected health information and adhere to all HIPPA related policies and procedures.
  • Participate in 4D Recovery outreach and event marketing. 





  1. This position typically requires a High School Diploma/GED. 
  2. 2 years abstinent from all forms of drugs and alcohol, except those prescribed by a doctor which excludes marijuana based on federal laws. 
  3. Must have reliable transportation or maintain a valid driver’s license for state of residency and have a driving record permitting coverage under the corporate liability policy.  If driving a personal vehicle for work purposes must also have and maintain personal auto liability coverage.  All employees driving for work purposes, regardless of whether driving a personal or agency vehicle, must complete the agency’s driving approval process before they drive for work.
  4. Must be a Certified Recovery Mentor within three months of hire. 
  5. Understanding of multiple pathways to recovery and recovery support services .
  6. Experience working with minority communities, especially transition age youth demographics, and knowledge of the current disparities that certain communities of service users may face more broadly in society, required.
  7. Ability to work independently and as a team player.
  8. Lived experience related to the population being served.
  9. Able to establish and maintain professional boundaries while providing supportive services and building trusting relationships with clients, staff and community partners.
  10. Excellent communication, trauma-informed approach and conflict resolution skills
  11. Well-developed documentation skills and a strong commitment to quality management; ability to write accurate and concise reports while meeting tight deadlines.
  12. Computer literate; functional ability with Microsoft programs.
  13. All work performed shall be in alignment with the philosophy, mission and values of 4th Dimension Recovery.
  14. Must be dependable, flexible and punctual, and exhibit strong time management skills.
  15. Must demonstrate emotional maturity and stability.
  16. Able to clearly articulate information to people of varying cultural, linguistic, and educational backgrounds.
  17. Able to communicate clearly, concisely, and effectively both orally and in writing.
  18. Able to problem solve and develop creative approaches.




  1. The physical effort typically applied in this job includes: 


X Lifting X Pulling X Reaching Manipulating
X Carrying X Pushing Shoveling X Keying/typing
Other (specify)


Amount of                                      % of Time Effort is Applied
Effort Applied  Less than 15% 15% to 40% 40% to 70% More than 70%
Less than 1lb. X
Between 1 & 5 lbs.  X
Between 5 & 25 lbs.  X
Between 25 & 60 lbs. X
More than 60 lbs. X


  1. The effort reflected in the above chart is typically applied in the following work positions: 


X Sitting X Standing X Walking
X Stooping X Bending Confined
Other (specify)




Frequent mental and/or visual attention; the flow of work is either intermittent or the operation involves waiting for a machine or process to complete a cycle with intermittent checking or inspection involved.



The job is typically performed under very comfortable working conditions; any disagreeable elements are generally absent during normal performance of the job.



Responsible for adhering to 4th Dimension Recovery attendance and call-in policies.