4D Female Recovery Mentor


Responsible To: 4D Supervisor Lead

Pay: $15.15 w/ $.34 per mile driving reimbursement up to $150/month

Hours: 20hr/wk with room for full-time

Qualifications: CRM


To apply: Send resume and copy of Recovery Mentor Certification to ivana.jungic@4drecovery.org



  • Recovery Mentor Certification and continued education
  • At least 2 years abstinent from drugs/alcohol
  • At least 2 years off probation
  • Pass 4D background check
  • Ability to engage with young people
  • Represent themselves responsibly in the public
  • Driver license with insurance
  • Ability to use simple technology
  • Role flexibility


Description overview:


Support the 4th Dimension Recovery Center’s mission to provide and cultivate an environment where all young people with drug addiction and alcoholism find recovery through connecting with recovery communities and 4D recovery mentoring. There are two primary roles of a 4D Youth Mentor: Peer Recovery Mentoring & Recovery Club Coordinator.


Primary Role: Peer Recovery Mentoring


Work with young people (13-35) self-identifying with substance use disorder who desire recovery support by providing the following:

  • Motivational Enhancement
  • Sharing Recovery & Life Experience
  • Recovery Planning and Goal Setting
  • Skill Development
  • Employment Readiness
  • Emotional Support
  • System Navigation
  • Social Support Building
  • Recovery Pathway Navigation
  • Positive Intrapersonal Communication Development
  • Positive Interpersonal Communication Development
  • Efficacy Development
  • Engagement and Retention
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Best Interest Support  


Other Job Duties

  • Schedule appointments
  • Outreach to referral sources
  • Participate in 4D activities


Secondary Role: Recovery Community Center Coordinator


Coordinate the daily operations of the 4D Recovery Community Center while supporting administrative objectives by doing the following:

  • Opening and closing 4D
  • Engaging recovery community & providing recovery support to both clients and non-clients alike.
  • Maintain safety within community center
  • Sell merchandise
  • Support meetings and events
  • Maintain the cleanliness of 4D
  • Service coordination to drop-ins outside of 4D’s mission

Essential Job Requirements:

  • Comply with Social Service Laws
  • Document Services
  • Attend Supervision Meetings
  • Comply with 4D Service Policies
  • Maintain CRM
  • Attend Continuing ED Trainings
  • Serve Clients Equitably
  • Individual Work Schedule Management