4D is a 2017 Willamette Week Give!Guide Participant. We are looking to raise 30K to help expand our mission in helping young people overcome addiction.

Give!Guide Giving 101

Know how your donation helps

$10 donations help support young people at 4D get a cup of coffee, go to the movies or eat a burrito while meeting with their 4D mentor. Money also helps purchase a pair of work boots or buy admissions to recovery events. It is often the little things that can really make a difference in a person’s recovery.

$50 donations help support larger recovery events and outings at 4D. Several of these events happen every month and up 150 young people will attend. Events include, dances, speaker meetings, art classes and hiking trips.

Know how to participate

Willamette Week makes donating fun by organizing BIG GIVE DAYS where givers can earn chances to win different prizes on different days.


Hit a 4D Give!Guide Event

4D has organized several events to bring in both the recovery community and our allies. Below is a list of events. If you can’t attend an event, you can still donate to sponsor someone’s participation. For example, a $10 donation will be used to feed someone in recovery on Thanksgiving Day.

Thank you to PDXWorks for matching the first $1000 dollars.