The onset of COVID-19 sparked a global response to preserve life. On March 13th, we decided to close the doors to our community center to align with social distancing measures to reduce virus transmissibility. While this collective measure insulated Oregon’s most vulnerable populations, it disrupted networks many of us use to initiate and sustain our recovery. Our meetings transitioned to digital platforms and fellowshipping on social media, for many, just isn’t the same.

Now, nearly three months later, Oregon is idling out of isolation as social distancing orders relax across the state. 4D services are considered essential and within the civic, cultural, and religious guidelines of the Governor’s executive orders. Public health officials are requiring a phased opening approach and we will adhere to that methodology. As the pandemic develops we will adapt and keep safety at the forefront of our actions.

Working together to incrementally open society is reported to be the best defense against a virus resurgence. If we do this together we can soon return to normalcy while avoiding more coronavirus deaths. 

Please see below for more details regarding our opening framework. For more information please contact us: Phone 971.703.4623 | Email: 

4D Recovery Center Phase One: All Locations

Starting Date: Tuesday, June 9th

Services Provided  Services Not Provided
  • Recovery Meetings
  • Recovery Mentoring 
  • Drop-in Support by Appointment 
  • Socializing
  • Events 
  • Recreational Activities 
Recovery Meeting Schedules Posted to 4D’s Website: 


4D operations will adhere to Oregon Health Authority’s recommendations to manage the spread of the virus. We appreciate our community being accommodating during this time. See below for exact policies. 


Reducing Virus Transmissibility During Operations The following protocols will be required at all 4D locations during phase one 
  • Facial covering upon entering the building (barring any medical conditions and provided for free by 4D) 
  • Maximum of 25 people in the meeting room (overflow management provided) 
  • Practicing of six feet between individuals 
  • Hand sanitizing upon entering the building 
  • Doors will open 30 minutes before a scheduled meeting and close 30 minutes after the meeting ends 
  • 4D staff will routinely deep clean and sanitize the building before, during, and after meetings 
  • 4D staff will make available free facial coverings, coffee, and snacks for guests 
  • First name and phone number required upon entering the building (4D will only share your contact information if a person attending a meeting you were at tests positive for COVID-19)